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           Made with love, health, and wellness in mind, Masanka Spice seasonings were crafted in the comfort of my mother’s kitchen, which served many weddings and other special events in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. It has been our dream to open a showroom featuring her lovely seasonings, kitchen essentials, and a safe place to dine and relax for all guests and spice lovers. 

         January 15th was a day of hope for my family, We believed the prognosis looked promising; she even looked and sounded better. I recall a pleasant conversation with our mother on this very day, and what looked like a diagnosis for the worse began to garner hope. The improvement in her health ignited the passion to continue with this project; however, God had another plan. 

         Despite not being present here on earth with us today, Margaret Ama Somuah will continue to live on in our hearts and kitchens through authentic, well-crafted seasonings and her love for cooking. This blog is a safe space to share lovely insights and cooking tips, and learn new recipes and everyday cooking essentials, whiles enjoying some great luxury kitchen finds and apparatus. I urge all patrons to take what they learn from this space and improve it. It is an honor to continue her legacy; Let’s begin with this fried rice recipe that will be the topic of conversation at your next dinner party. From Our Kitchen to Yours, Enjoy!


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